Ozark Triple Crown: A Fishing Challenge

The founder of Ozark Kings LLC is Josh Gordon, a native to the Ozarks and a graduate of University of Missouri in Agri-Business. Born and raised in Salem, MO it should be no surprise that he has become an aspiring Angler.  As such he has created an excuse for himself and you to get out and enjoy the Ozarks.  He has created the Ozark Triple Crown.

“If you love the outdoors, this challenge is for you. The Ozarks Triple Crown allows you to get outside and accomplish the next great outdoor accomplishment. So get out there and good fishing.”


The Ultimate Ozarks River Fishing Challenge

To achieve the Ozarks Triple Crown one angler must catch all three of these desired sport fish found on the Current and/or Meramec River within one 24 hour period. These three fish are the:

An angler can use either or both Rivers to achieve the goal but must accomplish this goal in a 24 hour period. Recognition awards are sent to those that so desire to receive them. At the current time, Window Decals are available. In the near future, we will provide additional recognition awards such as embroidered hats, patches, shirts and other items.


Take a moment to look at the requirements, register, and begin your journey toward the Ozark Triple Crown!

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