Tentsile Stingray

Making Family Camping Fun

Do you love the outdoors but hate sleeping on the ground?  Are trying to instill the love of the outdoors in your kids?  Do bugs, snakes, and other animals keeping you from enjoying a great night sleep in the outdoors? Do you want to experience camping in a whole to new way?  If your answer is yes to any of those questions, then you might consider the Tentsile Stingray!  This unique camping system elevates you above the hard ground, away from the bugs, snakes, and critters, and provides a whole host of new adventures for your family.  It is like no other camping system you have every experienced.  Combining the best aspects of hammocks with the best of a tent, you won’t find a better camping option.  Here are a few reason to buy a Stingray today!

The Adventure

Camping is always an adventure! Being in nature and experiencing new places is always thrilling.

tentsile-630x400However, when you are elevated off the ground, it gives you a whole new perspective. The same old camping spots open up to new views and places you never imagined you could camp, suddenly become a reality.  Who wouldn’t want to camp over the water or above the rocks which hill top which always blocked the amazing view?

The Comfort

The Tentsile Stingray provides comfort on multiple levels. It allows removes you from the hard ground.  With a base of three hammocks, it provides a level of comfort that ‘s hard to find on the ground, regardless of your sleeping pad.  The feeling of floating on air is more soothing than you might think.  It also prevents you from having to find level ground, like a traditional tent.  This may allow you to camp on that hillside with the view you’ve always loved.  Finally, it also keeps you off the wet ground as well.   No more waking up to realize the water ran down the hill and flooded your tent.

Stingray Tentsile

The Security

Unlike your traditional tent, being above the ground allows you be away from the snakes, bugs and other animals.  Even its fully enclosed rip resistant insect mesh cover keeps the ones that fly away while you sleep. Depending upon the height placement it does give you the sense that you are above everything dangerous and allow you to get even better sleep.

Some Specs

With its heavy duty construction, it will comfortably hold 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children, with a max weight of 880 lbs.  It hosts an interior height of 4 feet which also makes it comfortable for even our taller friends to sit. While weighing in at 18 pounds this camping setup is not suited for backpacking (See Flite) but is perfect for car camping!

Considering these are only a few of the reasons to buy a Tentsile Stingray, I’d like to give you one more.  If you visit this page, you can receive an additional 10% off your entire order. Don’t wait! Secure your next adventure today!

Barn Hollow Trip

I had a morning to take the boys hiking so we took off towards Mountian View, MO.  However, before we could make it to the car Josiah had a spill on the rocks and scraped his knee.  He was a trouper, so we continued our journey to Barn Hollow which is just north of Mountain View. Once you arrive at the trailhead you will find a great little hiking trail which is about 1/2 mile each way, so it didn’t take long.  However, it was a great first hiking trip for our boxer puppy Molly.  Take a look at the video below and visit it for yourself.


Ozark Triple Crown: A Fishing Challenge

The founder of Ozark Kings LLC is Josh Gordon, a native to the Ozarks and a graduate of University of Missouri in Agri-Business. Born and raised in Salem, MO it should be no surprise that he has become an aspiring Angler.  As such he has created an excuse for himself and you to get out and enjoy the Ozarks.  He has created the Ozark Triple Crown.

“If you love the outdoors, this challenge is for you. The Ozarks Triple Crown allows you to get outside and accomplish the next great outdoor accomplishment. So get out there and good fishing.”


The Ultimate Ozarks River Fishing Challenge

To achieve the Ozarks Triple Crown one angler must catch all three of these desired sport fish found on the Current and/or Meramec River within one 24 hour period. These three fish are the:

An angler can use either or both Rivers to achieve the goal but must accomplish this goal in a 24 hour period. Recognition awards are sent to those that so desire to receive them. At the current time, Window Decals are available. In the near future, we will provide additional recognition awards such as embroidered hats, patches, shirts and other items.


Take a moment to look at the requirements, register, and begin your journey toward the Ozark Triple Crown!


Rocky Falls

Every family should have fond memories of family trips and ours would definitely include Rocky Falls.  It is one of the 7 Wonders of the Ozarks and just one visit will reveal the reason.

At 40 feet all and cold running water most of the year it provides a beautiful sight. However, it is not only pretty to see but a joy to jump in the swimming hole below and clim it slippery ledges.   Don’t forget to bring a picnic basket too, because it does have several picnic areas and dumpsters for trash.

It is located on HWY H South of Eminence and North of Winona.  See the Map below

What are some of your places to visit in the Ozarks? You can leave them in the comments below.


Family Businesses Make the Ozarks Great

The Ozarks a place we know has history but you may not always realize it.   It was not long after we moved back to the area that we feel in love with the local Mexican Restaurant.  However, we visited numerous times before we heard their story.  So, we thought we would share it with you:

Mercedes was born in Jalisco, Mexico, and lived there until emigrating to the United States in 1965.  She came to the United States, the land of plenty, to try to succeed with the opportunities provided her.  Within ten years she was living in the Ozarks, and in 1975 she opened El Imperial.

“El Imperial” means majestic or outstanding.  When Mercedes created the menu, she guaranteed everything was “fit for a king” by making sure her menu items were homemade and prepared daily with only the finest ingredients.  Her staff ensures that your meal is a pleasure by being served hot and fresh with the best services available.

Mercedes raised three children, who all work or have worked in the restaurant.  Her oldest son, Carlos, proudly served as an Army Ranger in Operation Desert Storm and helped manage El Imperial for several years.

Dolores is Mercedes’ only daughter and middle child. Delores’ work at El Immperial started a growing love for the restaurant world that continues today.

Mercedes’ youngest son, Juan, has also been a fixture at El Imperial since his earliest days.  Juan’s photos can be seen on the wall behind the register.  These photos are a testimony of his exceptional athletic ability and strength, a strength he now brings to the world of hospitality.

Mercedes has six grandchildren: Christopher, Jacob, Levi, Quinton, Kailie, and Brodie.  Mercedes is proud of each of them, and they can all be seen from time to time working in El Imperial and continuing the proud family tradition Mercedes started many years ago.

Due to her confident initiative and hard work, Mercedes has been able to achieve her dream, a dream of a wonderful restaurant that people come to from far and near to enjoy the tradition of authentic Mexican food served with pride and passion.

Now after knowing their long standing history, every wonderful meal feels like participation in it.


We love family owned and operated businesses like this one and would love for you to share the stories of some of your favorites below!